Advanced Video Recorder

Smartphones have always been in need of space. Their popularity has increased tremendously due to their features that provide fun and entertainment while on the move. There are many handsets available with different storage capacities such as 3GB, but the users need to find out which one offers adequate storage and memory capacity for multimedia. Buy vivo S1 pro is one of the latest smartphones available in the market that meets the specifications of high end smartphones such as iPhone and Android mobiles.

It has an elegant design and looks similar to the iPhone 5s and iPhone 7 Plus, except for its larger size and bright color. Vivo S1 Pro has been designed to fit into any pocket and is extremely convenient to carry as it offers a large amount of storage capacity for video, music and photo storage. The phone also comes with an intuitive interface that enables the users to enjoy enhanced functionality from their fingertips. The Vivo S1 Pro comes loaded with various features that enable it to stand out from the crowd and fulfill the requirements of an entertainer to the extreme.

The vivo s1 pro has an eight mega-pixi camera that is complimented with an innovative Self-cleaning Sensor that helps to eliminate dead skin cells and prevent them from impairing the view of the camera lens. One of the main highlights of this smartphone is its giant 45K pixels rear camera with f/2.2 aperture. It comes with digital zoom and optical zoom in the lens along with manual controls for the size of the photos.

The battery of this handset runs on the Protonic shock recovery technology and utilizes a Quick Charge system. This ensures fast and responsive performance of the device no matter what the conditions are. The vivo s1 pro also features a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) vivo s1 pro  battery that features fast charge and fast discharge capabilities that can be used before and after a long day’s work. Moreover, the battery can be charged using the USB port of the smartphone allowing it to be used like a mobile laptop. The major highlight of this feature is that it lets the user adjust the brightness of the screen according to the need without having to resort to the hassle of changing the brightness slider on the phone.

The vivo s1 pro camera is loaded with an advanced camera app that allows the users to capture quality photographs and videos with ease. In fact, the app can be downloaded from the Android Market once the user gets the handset. The Camera application enables the users to control the lighting settings of the camera and also alter the color mode. The HTC Wildfire touch is loaded with many useful features that make it one of the most impressive handsets available in the market today.

With the built in FM radio, the vivo s1 pro lets you listen to music as you travel. Furthermore, the phone also features a dual tone noise reduction technology for better sound quality while you are calling. The handset comes with a high definition video camera that is capable of recording videos at up to 12 mp resolution. The HTC Wildfire Touch also features a high resistance lithium ion battery that promises to give you more than sufficient talk time. Thus, the phone gives you a great browsing experience along with a lot of fun features that make the handset stand out from the rest of the crowd.